LumiSheet - GV is a Original Developer & Manufacturer.
LumiSheet™ is the world’s first unified lighting sheet which contains LED in itself as a source of light unlike the traditional BLU(Back Light Unit) which is made by putting a lamp on the outside of acrylic. Lumisheet is produced by combining high intensity LEDs with a patented 3D V-cutting system which allows light to be transmitted uniformly and evenly across the acrylic surface. LumiSheet can be applied to various fields of industry such as Lighting, Signage, Shop Display, Retail Products, and so on.

Installation Case
Strong point
Power Consumption(W)
Maximum size(WxL) (mm/”)
Minimum size(WxL) (mm/”)
Caliper (mm/”)
Color Temperature(K)
Power Consumption(W)DC12V / DC24V
Maximum size(WxL) (mm/”)1,490 x 2,990 / 59” x 118”
Minimum size(WxL) (mm/”)50 x 50 / 2” x 2”
Caliper (mm/”)4, 6, 8, 10 / 0.16”, 0.24”, 0.31”, 0.39”
Color Temperature(K) 2,700 / 3,000 / 3,500 / 4,100 / 5,300 / 6,500K (CRI 90이상) 2,800K / 3,100K / 4,100K / 5,200K / 6,700K