It is the slimmest LED edge-lit panel in the world.

High technique laser grid pattern ensures excellent brightness and uniform light across the panel of only 1,8mm in thickness.
It is a perfect solution for a place requiring slim and bendable lighting panel.

Strong point
Power Consumption(W)
Maximum size(WxL) (mm/”)
Minimum size(WxL) (mm/”)
Caliper (mm/”)
Color Temperature(K)
Power Consumption(W)DC12V
Maximum size(WxL) (mm/”)1,200 x 1,200 / 47” x 47”
Minimum size(WxL) (mm/”) 50 x 50 / 2” x 2”
Caliper (mm/”)1.8 / 0.07”
Color Temperature(K)5,300 ~ 7,500